In the Beginning was the Word

I am an 85 year old former Atheist who studied Geology and Paleontology in the 1950’s at Louisiana State University.  As a result of my studies, I became convinced that there was a natural explanation for the origin of the universe and life itself.  But after many years and one failed marriage that produced a son, Douglas , I remarried in 1970.  By 1975 my wife, Jane and I had two beautiful daughters, Jenny and Laurie. Since my wife had been raised in a Christian family, and had attended Sunday school, she wanted our daughters to do the same.  After some reluctance on  my part, I yielded to her wishes, and our daughters began to attend a Christian pre-school.  They also began attending Sunday services as well.  Within a few months I began to question why I didn’t seem to have the faith that the gospel message of Christianity was true. Finally I asked my wife if I could look at her Bible, and I immediately opened to the Concordance in the back and looked for the word Faith. As I scanned the listing of scriptures my eyes settled on Romans 10:17: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. The passage seemed to be telling me that I could receive this faith simply by hearing and reading the words of God. Immediately after I began to do this I felt impressed to pray to God, and ask Him, If you really exist please show me what you want me to do. From that point on He began to lead me by His Spirit, and on December, 6, 1975, I had the most unforgettable experience of my life as He gloriously filled me with His Spirit exactly like the Bible describes in numerous places in the Book of Acts.

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